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Providing Investigative Service for Attorneys & Private Clients within the state of Iowa.  License- Bonded

Member of the Iowa Association of Private Investigators

Team Adam Consultant-National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) -Arlington VA

Major USAR Ret. 

Sometimes you need someone to investigate the facts related to your unique case.  Attorneys know its not Law Enforcement's job to investigate issues that may be beneficial and relevant to your particular case.  That's why you need some one with a law enforcement background who can provide expertise and experience to assist you.

Are you looking for an Investigative Agency with over 60 years of combined experience, give us a call.  



JSQ Investigations, LLC

JS Security, LLC

Providing Law firms with case reviews, Jury consultations in

both civil and criminal cases, locating & interviewing witness, serving process, conducting background investigations are a few of the services our agency provides.



  • 60 years of combined Law Enforcement/ Investigative experience

  • CEO/President Jonathan Stewart is a 28 year retired Criminal Investigator Deputy U. S. Marshal.  Jon spent his career conducting numerous fugitive investigations & Protective Services throughout the United States.  As a Private Investigator Jon has provided his services to many of the top criminal defense attorneys within the state of Iowa, and private clients as well.  Jon has conducted investigations into cases at both the Federal and State level involving the following: Sexual Assault, Sex Abuse, Harassment cases,  Human Trafficking, Homicide, Drug Trafficking to include, Methamphetamine, Death by Fentanyl overdose, Civil lawsuits involving accidents, background investigations, numerous surviellance activities, child custody cases, and many more.


  • Shawn Palmer, is a 30+ year retired Criminal Investigator Deputy U.S. Marshal, Shawn was a Special Operations Group Sniper with the Marshal's Service, as well as Witness Security Specialist before his retirement.  Shawn brings his background and skills to our agency allowing us to provide for our clients.  

Contact us for a consultation-Let us see if we can provide the investigative services you need for your Law Firm or Private Case. 

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JSQ Investigations, LLC & JS Security LLC


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